We have implemented a new Step-Up Program. A BIG thank you to our volunteers at Grace.

· Linda Keil and Leo Justo for helping to take the loose change donations to the bank for the Pig for Haiti program. We collected in our piggy banks $318.48. A final total including checks is forthcoming. Thank you to all who gave.

· Hilda Garcia for stepping up by providing Santa with a new presents bag to distribute toys

· Reid Bladlow for stepping up (HIGH) to finish the pressure cleaning the front of our sanctuary.

· Lisa Bonet, George & Elizabeth Maldonado, Sherry Farrell, Martha Gulla drove youth to Luther Springs camp and participated for the weekend in January.

· Bonnie Caputo for all her devotion to helping Grace shine. Outstanding job to this powerhouse volunteer.

· Mark Chandler of Computer Electronics, Inc. for donating a "bucket truck" to clean the church steeple.

· Hilda Garcia for helping to supply the Salvation Army residents with thicker blankets.

· Walter Gishler for organizing the cupboards in the Social Hall kitchen.

· Denise Gishler, Dagney Ponce, Hilda Garcia, Virginia Sanchez, Marion Zamotin (not pictured) for their heartfelt quilts that help many worldwide.

· Katie Odom for helping weed the Memorial Garden.

· A former member provided a basketball pole, backboard, hoop for the youth program and assembled by the Friday Night Youth Group.

· Linda Carlson for free legal advice for someone in need.

· Hilda Garcia as seamstress and clothing for veteran in a nursing home.

· Mary Lou Kerr and the Friday Night Youth for assembling 102 Health Care Kits for Lutheran World Relief.

· Elizabeth Kourtesis Fisher & Tamara Thomas for organizing the Katie Odom baby shower.

· Director Marcia Reyes & LC staff for running a 5- Star VBK Testing for children getting ready for kindergarten. They earned a 100% passing score.    Congratulations!

· Cub Scout Troop Pack 425 for  picking up our old flags for proper retirement and disposal.

· Pastor Imhoff & Leo Justo for working as a team to expedite the repair of Lindsay Meyer’s electronic wheelchair.

· Mary Lou Kerr who comes every Monday without fail to help in the church  office and do the little things that make my life (Roy’s) better.

· Betty Rice for her faithful proof-reading of our Sunday Bulletin and Acts of Grace.

· Rose Praznovsky for going to a Thrift shop to purchase a baby changer for our church nursery.

· Susan Roetz for all her hard work in creating the monthly Acts of Grace Newsletter.

· A BIG thank-you to  Don Clifford, Jim Llewellyn, Bruce Walton, Bonnie Caputo, Reid Bladow, Bud Gishler, David Dunning  for Lock-up & Lois   Simon, Catherine & Debbie Hibbitt, Bud Gishler & Reid Bladow, Marion Zamotin (Presbyterian Church), Barbara & Don Clifford, Roy Cao for Panera Pick-up.

 If interested with our step-up program or you want to submit any names and what they did please contact Roy our office administrator @ grace33166@juno.com.
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