Keeping with the theme of "Always Being Made New," our busy Social Ministry Board, organized a Mission Trip to Peru from June 7th to June 16th to visit, serve and share work with the Lutheran congregation " Luz Divina " and "Paraiso" headed by Pastor Benjamin Navarro in a local version of Habitat for Humanity.

Pastor Dale Young will join them and will offer a grief workshop on June 11 and 12th at Luz Divina. The Grace group will also visit the "Talitha Kum congregation" and Pastor Dana Nelson in Cuzco. We hope to open our hearts and minds to new realities for us.

Our Grace members, together with the local community, will build a modest home, for a needy family of four. Grace is sponsoring the "Grace Home" project. Our team members are: Sara Kelly, Chandler Precht, Aleck Garcia, Virgina Sanchez, Rasma Ponce and Trish Gorland.

 Please join us in wishing them a good and safe trip. Special thanks to the group for financing their own way as well as bringing many presents.

Thanks, also, to the Woman’s Club, the crafty ladies at Grace, the Miami Peruvian Lions Club, The Pan-American USA Foundation and Grace Lutheran members for their donations and encouragement.

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