Was the founding pastor for Grace Lutheran Chruch. Over 60 years of ministry serving as a Shepherd for our Lord. Being sent to Miami Springs from our Columbus based seminary, he looked around, walked around, talked around, and planted Grace Lutheran with God leading the way. Now over 60 years later, ministry is thriving forth from Grace Lutheran and our beloved spiritual leader, not only for us at Grace, but for the entire community, lived long enough to see the mustard seed sprout into life.

Pastor Schmidt meant so much to so many people. He probably married over ten percent of the citizens of Miami Springs. He baptized 1,000’s, confirmed as many, counseled those in need and serves as a probation officer to 100’s of troubled youth. He lead the way for we Lutherans to buy and operate Fair Havens Care center across the street. People’s lives were dramatically changed for the better due to his ministry efforts.

He raised his four children here with wife Connie. He became involved deeply in the community including working through the Rotary Club here. He served the wider church by going to Minneapolis for a few years of service. He also served the wider church by inspiring and aiding many men and women to become shepherds, pastors, themselves.


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